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In Our Free Course, You’ll learn to…
1. Create Your Family Tree For Free, starting with a Family Questionnaire (we provide the document)
and you enter your information and can keep your it private, or share it with those You like!
2. Learn to Add People and Information to a Family Contact Sheet (We provide the Document)
3. Add the information you’ve gathered to a Family Tree (We provide the Document)
4. We’ll recommend a Free Database that you can use to Grow Your Family Tree Even More!
* Please Note, throughout it all, you will have complete control over your information as it’s all designed to be printed or stored on your computer, and not online. So You can keep it all Private, or You’re also welcome to share it with whomever You choose!

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Once you’ve completed our Free Course, or if You feel You already have a Firm Foundation in Starting Your Family Tree, You are ready for our Course: Growing Your Family Tree Even More! It will help bridge the gap from the information you gleaned in our Free Course, to help you not only find the next generations, but also help you prove your connection to earlier generations, family stories, and those little nuggets that make it all worthwhile!

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