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From Irish Roots Kindle Book Cover

What do You think of when You think of Ireland?
For Me it’s Potatoes, Recipes, Folklore, Family, and More!
I think it is so for all of us who grow
From Irish Roots

This Book is not a Textbook, it is written more for enjoyment, than research,
but it does have everything from
Information on Potatoes, and Recipes, to Folklore, Family, and More!
I enjoyed writing it, and I believe You’ll enjoy it to!

Growing Your Family Tree
“Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff”
By Brian Hurlburt, Authour

Now Available as Paperback or Kindle Edition
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This Book is full of Resources and Tools I use nearly everyday in my own Research.

Books by Other Authours…

This Book, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell’s History, originally written by George Stayley Brown as a Sequel to Campbell’s History, was crucial to my early research, has entered the Public Domain in some areas, and is beautifully bound here in Hard Cover. A Great Resource, especially for those with Ancestors in Yarmouth, NS.

Terry Punch was long known as
Nova Scotia’s Genealogist.

When We lost a treasure the day Terry died.
Thankfully He left us a number of excellent Books.
Obit: Obit: Terrence Michael Punch (15 January , 1937 – 11 April , 2017)

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There are a number of other Books pertaining to Nova Scotia
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