During My Nearly 30 Years of Genealogy and Family History Research!

During My Nearly 30 Years of Research!

I’ve managed to find answers to many of my own questions, and along the way, I’ve helped many others!

Can You fill in the blanks in your family tree? Do You know who Your Parents, Grand Parents, and Other Family Members are?
If so, count yourself lucky, not everyone is so fortunate.

I was adopted when I was a year old and had one parent born out of wedlock, and thus we had no idea who my Grand Father was!
Thankfully, I grew up knowing both my birth and adoptive, families. Today, thanks to DNA and what I’ve learned over the past 30 years, I also now know the Ancestry of my Unknown Grandfather! I’ve narrowed it down to Son, or Grand Sons, of a particular Newcombe Family.

I’ve also helped one Gal find her birth record, another to find and connect with her birth father, just last night a fellow to reconnect with his line, and today I’m in the midst of helping another gal reconnect, and see if she has siblings still living!

I love doing Genealogy and researching Family History.

It’s definitely my passion and helping people connect, or reconnect, with family is incredible.

I’m in the process of trying to monetize my passion, and in the process, I’m creating Courses, in hopes of helping others to do their own research. I’m helping others to find their birth families, and connect, or reconnect. I welcome You to contact me.

I do a lot of what I do for free, so feel free to contact me!

I also appreciate any help you can provide, and any funding suggestions you can make will be greatly appreciated.

Have Questions? Call Toll Free: 877-484-2857

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