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Times change, lives blossom, and since 2020 our Researcher, Brian Hurlburt, has been enjoying life in Bear River, Nova Scotia at Briden Farm. Country Living, Homesteading, and Farming has always been important to Brian as is His continued family history and genealogical work.

A newer passion is the Wisdom Community that Brian was asked to join in December 2022. Someone saw the Podcasting Brian was doing while promoting Briden Farm, a homesteading farm, that Brian and as he says, “His Better Half” began in 2020. They are enjoying country living while practicing regenerative farming practices, employing their Goats, Pigs, Chickens, and other animals in rotational pastures, and creating silvopastures and organic gardens, while Upcycling and creating a more self sustaining lifestyle.

Brian invites You to join him for one of his Wisdom Community Chats at

Brian says, “Join me for one of my “Growing Your Family Tree” chats @joinWISDOMapp and Join The Conversation to receive a free family history genealogy consultation.”

Limited Time Offer … So do it now!

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